My sketchbook studies come from a wide variety of times and places both local and abroad. I like to keep them small (roughly 3"x 5") and quick (30 minutes give or take), I paint with watercolors and gouache (materials list for you in the sidebar). Enjoy!

February 04, 2013

Costa Rican Palm


Sergio DS said...

Is it an acrylic painting?

Amazing any way.

Benji said...

Palm tree!

Teresa Clark said...

I really like the spontaneity in all of these sketches, yet how well they are achieved. I know there's a lot of hard work and experience here but I see also a lot of feeling involved, you literally take us to Costa Rica. Congratulations!

Rose said...

Great colors, great brushstrokes.

spate space said...

I would like to draw palm trees.
sometimes, I went to the beach and drew amazing palm trees. I love trees.