My sketchbook studies come from a wide variety of times and places both local and abroad. I like to keep them small (roughly 3"x 5") and quick (30 minutes give or take), I paint with watercolors and gouache (materials list for you in the sidebar). Enjoy!

January 28, 2013

Snowy Bridge in Sugar City Idaho

Ink on paper.


agus said...

Fantasticos claro-oscuros ,
un saludo !!

L ROSSI said...

beautiful n.n

Benji said...

I like how there's some colour, some warmth, to the bridge piece. Keep up the great work! You inspire me to work hard at colour, in seeing the LORDs creation, and in staying strong in traditional media! Thanks Mr Fowkes!

Rose said...

The touches of color, added to the black & white in this piece, are awesome.